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Nursing and Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

Nursing and Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

The concept of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is very large but currently everybody uses this technology at work and in the private life.

Who does not know Whatsapp, email, Facebook or Google?  Who does not use mobile apps on Smartphones, tablets and mobile devices?

Nurses can use ICT to benefit and improve their professional work.
In this environment, e-Health was born. This term is used for healthcare practice supported by electronic processes and communication.

Possibilities of work with ICT are very wide, including in the areas of:
  •        Education
  •        Information
  •        Diagnosis
  •        Patient tracking
  •       Technical support, etc.

And it is possible to use:
  •        Radio
  •       Television
  •        Applications (Apps- software)
  •        Social network
  •        Videoconferencing
  •        Distance learning, etc.

In last Congress of the Spanish Traumatology and Orthopaedic Nursing Association (AEETO) held in April 2015 in Alicante, we had the opportunity to receive presentations about several Nursing Apps developed by Nurses to solve daily nursing problems:
·      Enfermería Med IV (indication of medicines, compatibilities, calculation of perfusion, access to the technical specifications of the drug. Nursing techniques based on evidence.
·      Tradassan (TRADuctor para la ASistencia SANitaria). This App facilitates communication between works of a health service and foreign users who have difficulties with the local language.

It is necessary to incorporate all kinds of professional support into our daily health care work and to open our mind to new alternatives.


Enfermería Med IV is available at the following link on the Googleplay store for Android mobile devices and tablets:

Please note that it is not yet available for the iPhone or  iPad on iTunes.

Tradassan is available at the following link:   or for iPhone and iPad on iTunes:

and for Android mobile devices and tablets on the Googleplay store:

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