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Elena Miguel (Presidenta de AEETO) (playlist)

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AO Trauma Operating Room Mentor - AO Trauma Silver Member

AO Trauma Operating Room Mentor
AO Trauma Silver Member

The AO Foundation is a medically guided non-profit organization led by an international group of surgeons specialized in the treatment of trauma and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Founded in 1958 by 13 visionary surgeons, AO today fosters one of the most extensive networks of currently more than 12,000 Surgeons, Nurse/ Operating Room Personnel, and Scientists in over 100 countries. AO has established Specialty areas for Trauma, Spine, Craniomaxillofacial, and Veterinary surgery.
The outcomes of AO Trauma are Education, Research and Creation of a big Community of musculoskeletal trauma professionals.

I began to be involved in AO Courses for nurses in 1989 as participant in  ORP AO Courses. I have been working as a teacher of AO ORP Courses since 1990 and have been Co-chairperson in several AO ORP Courses.

In 1996 I was invited to the AO Teaching Course for Operating Room Personnel in Davos (Switzerland); in 2006 the International faculty training in Davos; and in 2008 the Alumni Symposium in Greece.

The Executive Committee and Director ORP/Nurse Education of AO Foundation nominated me as Spanish AO ORP Mentor in July 2008. I was re-elected by Spanish ORP Faculties for three years more in 2012. I was invited to the AO Trauma ORP Mentor Training in Davos (Switzerland) in December 2012.

Currently I am Silver Member of AOTrauma.

Responsibilities of AO Trauma ORP Mentor:
  1. Report directly to the AOTORP Committee
  2. Liaison between national faculty, AOTORP Committee and AOT Senior Manager and staff, Davos
  3. Identify and promote leadership within area
  4. Tracking of faculty member activity within country
  5. Submit an annual report of national faculty member activities
  6. Act as resource for new and current faculty members
  7. Qualified to be nominated as a future candidate for the AOTORP Committee

I would like to be able to achieve the ABC of mentor:
-     A mbassadors for implementation
-     B e bold as ORP leader in my country
-     C are for my team members

Elena Miguel Poza Enfermera Coordinadora - Nursing Coordinator Email:

Monday, 15 July 2013

Traumatology Courses for Operating Room Nurses

Traumatology Courses for Operating Room Nurses

In Nursing School, pupils learn a lot of things but which are general knowledge.  When a new nurse arrives to an operating room, it is necessary that some colleagues teach her how to work.

In Traumatology and Orthopaedics OR, it is necessary know a lot of different techniques, a lot of instruments, different devices and the traumatology patients need a lot of care. Each year there are new and more advanced techniques and it is necessary to update knowledge.

I am the Coordinator of Instrumentation Courses of the Spanish Traumatology and Orthopaedic Nursing Association from 2007. Every year, I organize two courses for traumatology operating room nurses. One of them is a basic course for nurses that need to learn new things or secure the knowledge that they have. The Update Course is directed to nurses who have been working in the traumatology operating room  for several years (minimum of two years).

There are very few courses for operating room nurses in Spain.  Our Association wants to help our colleagues with these theoretical and practical courses. Teachers are all nurses with a lot of experience in traumatology operating room. 

Elena Miguel Poza Enfermera Coordinadora - Nursing Coordinator Email:

Monday, 8 July 2013

Elena Miguel new photo

Photo by Edward Olive

Elena Miguel Poza Enfermera Coordinadora - Nursing Coordinator Email: