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Obtaining Rich Plasma in Growth Factors (PRGF)

Rich Plasma in Growth Factors (PRGF) is a novel and relatively recent technique applicable to tissue repair. It consists of platelet proteins obtained from a blood sample of the patient.

In the scope of Traumatology and Orthopaedics, the application of PRGF improves the evolution of patients with tissue regenerative necessities in different pathologies such as:
  •    To accelerate bone healing in the postoperative period,
  •    To decrease pain and improved mobility in incipient osteoarthritis,
  •        To improve the healing of tendon injuries,
  •        Wounds healing, etc.
The effects of PRGF on the cells of organisms are:
  •         Proliferation of osteoblasts (cells that help with bone formation)
  •        Proliferation of fibroblasts (cells that help with soft tissue formation)
  •        Chemotaxis (movement to specific point of injury)
  •         Synthesis of extracellular matrix (tissue repair).
The process of obtaining PRGF has several phases:
           1.- Extraction of blood (venous puncture) 

     2.- Cell separation (centrifugation) 

    3.- Catching and activating the serum with highest concentration of platelet rich growth factors (PRGF). 

  4.- Application to the patient (surgery intraoperative in the Hospital or intrarticular, on the tendon injury, etc. in the clinic)

In our IMTRA INCOMA Clinic, the preparation of the rich plasma in growth factors is made with the latest technology. We use a laminar airflow cabinet to separate the two different serum - the serum which poor in growth factors from the serum which rich in growth factors. This cabinet is designed to prevent air contamination of biological samples having a system where air is drawn through a HEPA filter and provides clean air to the work area.

After a study of your pathology in the IMTRA INCOMA Clinic, Dr Galindo Andújar may treat you with rich plasma in growth factors.

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