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Donate blood is giving life! Become a donor! Cruz Roja Española (Spanish Red Cross) Madrid Spain

Donate blood is giving life!  Become a donor!

Blood is used frequently to treat:
  • ·      Patients with severe anaemia
  • ·      Accident victims
  • ·      Patients undergoing surgical procedures
  • ·      Transplant suffering patients
  • ·      Patients with cancer

There is constant need of a regular blood supply because it can be stored only during a limited time before it’s used.
Blood is the more precious gift that a person can offer to others.  The decision to donate blood can save the life a person or several even.

Donor requirements
  • ·      Over 18 and under 65
  • ·      Over 50 Kilos
  • ·      Not suffering or having suffered from blood-borne diseases (Hepatitis C and B, Malaria, AIDS, etc.)
  • ·      Spend a little medical examination: taking blood pressure, determination of haemoglobin, health questionnaire.
  • ·      Not fasting.

What is obtained from donated blood?
Blood is fractional in:
  • ·      Red cell concentrate
  • ·      Plasma
  • ·      Platelets

You can donate in several places:
  • ·      Hospitals (Blood banks)
  • ·      Transfusion Centers:

o   Cruz Roja Española (Spanish Red Cross): C/ Juan Montalvo  3 (Madrid)
o   Comunidad de Madrid: Avd Democracia s/n (Valdebernardo-Madrid)
  • ·      Mobile Units (donation buses)

  1.   Donate blood is a non-profit and voluntary action;
  2.   Blood is regenerated but is not possible to manufacture;
  3.   Blood can save lives and somebody is waiting for it;

  4.   Why are you not a donor?

Elena Miguel Poza Enfermera Coordinadora - Nursing Coordinator in IMTRA Email:

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